Pot Luck Dinner


Or what we in Australia might call bring-a-plate.

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott
Soup Bowl, thrown stoneware with incised decoration, date unknown, H 8cm x W 15 cm
Ann Carr Collection via  Aberystwyth University Ceramic Collection and Archive
No, we don't want you to bring a plate of lamingtons, or a bowl of little boys - but we do want you to literally BRING A BOWL.
Our opening night dinner will be simple and hearty - picture steaming pots of soup, lovingly made by the ladies at the Migrant Resource Centre,  and great hunks of handmade sourdough from local institution Pigeon Whole Bakers - served in a hand made bowl from a fellow delegate.  And don't worry, there will be vegan and gluten free options.
Safe to assume you won't be getting a Gwyn (as pictured) - but it could be something (almost?) as good.
  • Go to your studio and make a bowl suitable for about 500mL of soup. The dimensions of Gwyn's are pretty spot on. The tall sides are good if, like me, you're prone to overexcitement and the waving of arms - all the better for keeping the soup contained, yes?
  • Bring said bowl with you to the registration desk on Wednesday morning. Hand it to one of our lovely volunteers in exchange for a meal ticket.
  • Have a great first day - see the talks and the demos, catch up with old friends, enjoy the opening of Manifest - in other words, work up an appetite.
  • Stop at the bar. This step is optional but recommended - in addition to beers, wines and spirits we will be serving a variety of Tasmanian specialty soft drinks.
  • Exchange your meal ticket for a bowl of soup and a hunk of bread.
  • Enjoy your dinner whilst mingling with friends old and new - see if you can't spot your bowl in the hands of one such new friend.


In addition to being lots of fun and an entertaining way to break the ice / make new friends - the pot luck dinner is one aspect of our commitment to make the Triennale (as close as possible to) a waste free event. From the opening dinner to the demonstrator materials to the cups for your morning coffee... wherever possible we will refuse, reuse, recycle or compost - every little bit counts.
So you're an artist / philosopher / writer (etc) and you don't make bowls - that's cool - I bet you have a friend that makes great bowls. Or there's that awesome potter at the local market... You'll find a bowl - and in doing so will help support a local craftsperson - sweet - bring the bowl and share the story.
If you get to Hobart and you STILL don't have a bowl, you might get lucky and find one in the aforementioned Pot Shop - or one of the ceramic galleries in the nearby Salamanca Arts Centre.
If you really don't want to play, there will be compostable bowls on offer.
Sorry, due to popular demand we have now closed this event to further registrations from non-delegates.  All non-delegate RSVPs submitted  prior to April 8 will remain in place.
Yes please. Zero waste will mean not over catering. RSVP is easy - just click on this link and let us know you're coming.
It's going to be great fun - see you there!