The committee organising the next Australian Ceramics Triennale (TACTT2019), which will be held in Hobart in May 2019, was awarded funding through the Arts Tasmania Organisations Investment Program to run a lead-in project where six Tasmanian Potters participated in a professional development program.  The purpose of the Potters: Produce project was to upskill a group of Tasmanian Potters with the specific knowledges required by potters who produce work for use in commercial eateries.

The training period was followed by a Professional Practice phase, where each Potter paired up with a food industry client for/with whom they developed a product, or small range of products.  To celebrate the conclusion of the project a celebratory lunch was held, where the tableware produced by the participants shared equal billing with the produce.

The potters chosen to participate in the Potters: Produce project were Sallee Warner, Lisa Britzman, Dee Taylor-Graham, Tarsh Bonnice, Susan Simonini and Fiona Wallace.


Malcolm Greenwood workshop. Images by Mel De Ruyter.

Celebratory Feast at Fat Pig Farm.  Images by Jessica Coughlan.