Pot Shop

Ceramics by Dee Taylor Graham, Image by Jessica Coughlan

Pot Shop is currently full! Please see the Makers' Fair page for another selling opportunity at the Triennale

The TACTT2019 team invites conference delegates, presenters and demonstrators, to participate in the Pot Shop, a temporary retail store that will be set up inside the Triennale venue, PW1.

The Pot Shop will be positioned near the entrance to the conference and will be accessible by both the conference attendees and the general public. The Pot Shop will be open during the Triennale opening event on Wednesday evening 1stMay and then 10am – 5pm on Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rdand Saturday 4thMay.

The Pot Shop will be promoted in and around Hobart, on our webpage and in social media, in the lead up to, as well as during, the Triennale event.

More information and the Application Form can be found here.


Delegates, presenters and demonstrators, may also like to be part of the Makers’ Fair, an event on Saturday morning, 4 May 2019, which will be running in the forecourt of the conference venue, PW1, just over the road from the famous Saturday Salamanca Market. More information can be found on the Makers’ Fair page.

If you have any queries please contact Alby: alby@australianceramicstriennale.com.au